breaker box code violation

The splice is illegal and dangerous if not contained inside a junction box. an industry consensus standard. the specific date and title of the publication as well as the name and address of the promulgating agency are listed in rule 4101:8-44-01 of the Administrative Code. HOWEVER, this is a code violation because the romex is not secured to the panel. 2. The bathroom includes a shower, toilet, and sink. An electrician today told me NO splices are allow in a breaker box at all, that doing so is a code violation ? Just picture yourself sliding an empty refrigerator box up in front of the panel - in your case the sink would definitely be in the way. Wiring enters the back of the panel. I want to know where can fine some information to show the buyer this is true and no problem with electric panel. or any other technical publication. But there are some safety precautions, and if you ignore them, you could kill yourself. While it is of course a code violation and a certain risk, the risk in this particular case isn't that high because the breaker protects a dedicated machine with known amperage rather than a couple outlets with unknown devices plugged in. Opening the main circuit breaker panel box and adding a circuit is actually pretty easy. It doesn't matter what size panel you use as long as the overcurrent protection is not larger than the panel rating. These wire connections are more likely to loosen over time, which can cause electrical arcs and fires. There is supposed to be a 30" wide and 36" deep unobstructed space in front of the panel. You only have to connect three wires to add a circuit, and each circuit wire is color-coded. I mentioned that the Breaker Box is in the downstairs bathroom. Violation. Correction Inspector report my home and report the main electrical panel ( circuit breaker box ) has been installed up side down. One method was to install a bushing, then run all romex into panel. you cannot have splices in a breaker panel (except for grounding wires). So you can use a 200 amp rated panel with a 100 amp main breaker for it, as long as the sub feeder is rated for 100 amps also. Any short-circuit would still trigger, and normal operation is safe. I was talking to some friends at work about the wiring in my house. Talk to your AHJ or another electrician in your area for what is acceptable in your area! 4101:8-34-01 Electrical. Two wires connected to the same breaker create a double-tapped breaker (and a code violation). Insufficient capacity The only times splices like this can legally occur are for temporary lighting and circuit troubleshooting. With a couple of exceptions, circuit breakers should have one wire connected to them. except for ground wires. according to license electrician this is not violation of NEC code. The panel location does violate current code. I always just use 1/0 for 100 amps now since it is readily available around here and #1 is not. Re: Exterior breaker panel installation NEMA 3R panel, of course. [Comment: When a reference is made within this rule to a federal statutory provision. http://www.sparkyuonline.com Some miscellaneous code violations that people have done. That splices are only allowed in a junction box, and since a breaker panel is cannot be used as junction box ? A splice is a connection between two or more wires and is one of the worst code violations. To my surprise, I found this out to be a code violation.

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